Episode 09: Let’s Talk About Lockdown

Please note this episode was recorded at the beginning of May but Alex took way too long getting it edited.

Welcome to Episode 9 folks!

In this episode we discuss how each of us have managed to keep creatively fulfilled whilst still in lockdown. We go behind-the-scenes and all about Alex’s Mental Health project, Chris’ instagram strategy and Tommy’s Social Distancing Photo Shoot project.

“If you ever want honest feedback, ask a child”

Also, Is it right for a company to use your Instagram image for commercial gain without needing your permission? We discuss a recent case where this happened…you may be surprised to hear about the outcome.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Tommy’s social distancing project – https://youtu.be/opIGrgVSWqU

Alex’s mental health project – http://portraitsofmentalhealth.co.uk/

Chris’ family lockdown portrait project – https://youtu.be/cbac6vqNY4A

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