Episode 08: Let’s Talk To Gavin Hoey

Welcome to episode 8 of the Tog Pod!

This episode is all about YouTube and we are joined by the man, the myth, the legend, the one and only Gavin Hoey.

“You have to be you plus 50% more you, because the internet drains it from your soul.”

In this episode we discuss the merits of YouTube and how Gavin’s journey into the world of online training started many moons ago but continues to develop into different areas especially in the current Covid climate.

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Gavin Hoey is a freelance photographer, Olympus UK Ambassador and trainer of all things photographic. Primarily focusing on photography education, he started out writing for photography magazines before making the switch to recording video tutorials for cover discs.

Gavin was an early YouTube adopter and created a popular photography training channel before joined forces with Adorama in 2012. He is now the most watched presenter on Adorama TV where his videos focus on the art of lighting and portraits. Gavin’s tutorials are either shot on location, or more usually, in his small home studio in Sussex, UK.

Eight years on, Gavin is still creating a new video for Adorama TV every other week and the channel has grown to nearly 1 million subscribers.


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