Episode 05: Let’s Talk To Hannah Couzens

Happy New year folks!

It’s our first podcast of the year and not only do we have a catchy new intro sting, but even more exciting than that, we’re so pleased to introduce our first guest on the podcast – portrait photographer, Sony ambassador and Profoto speaker, Hannah Couzens!

“I don’t care if you shot your image on your iPhone, under your legs or however you did it, I could not give a single toss how you did it. All I care about is that did you have fun doing it and did the result get you what you wanted?”

In this episode we discuss with Hannah: The pros and cons of having a studio, what it’s like working for Profoto and Sony as well as hearing her views and opinions on social media. PLUS… some exciting news about The Photography Show 2020!

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did and feel free to share it on your socials.

Hannah Couzens

Hannah made her entrance into the photography world by entering the record books with The British Institute of Professional Photography for being one of the youngest members to qualify within the history of the institute at the tender age of 19! Having gained experience within the photographic industry (and not just in the UK) Hannah felt it was time to bring her style to the high street by opening her first portrait studio in Cuffley at the age of just 22.

In October 2009 she decided to open a second studio in St. Albans which she has run for the past 10 years. Her love of teaching and speaking now takes her around the world on a regular basis which is why she no longer has a high street studio. Hannah now works from a fantastic basement studio in central London and a beautiful space in a listed building in the heart of St.Albans.


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