Welcome to our debut Podcast!

In this, our first episode, for which we still don’t have a name, we introduce ourselves and discuss our routes into the full time photography business.

“Best film of all time?”

“Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift……. you didn’t expect that one, did you?”

We look at “Photographers Sanity” and how posting content aimed at the right people can deliver the best results and that sometimes competitions can be a tough way to measure your success.

We also discuss Post Shoot Come Down in the industry and look at ways to remedy that feeling.

1 comment on “Episode 01: The New Podcast

  1. Hi Guys.

    I am currently working my way through your podcasts and just wanted to say that they are brilliant. I’m enjoying listening to them.

    I will hopefully be able to bump into you all at TPS this year.

    Best Wishes,

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