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Episode 07: Let’s Talk The Photography Show

Please note: This episode was recorded on Saturday 14th March This episode was intended to be recorded at The Photography Show 2020. However, as...

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Episode 06: Let’s Talk Freelancing And Families

Welcome to episode 6 of the podcast, contrary to Tommy’s memory this is our second episode of 2020. This time we hear Chris and...

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Episode 05: Let’s Talk To Hannah Couzens

Happy New year folks! It’s our first podcast of the year and not only do we have a catchy new intro sting, but even...

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Episode 04: Let’s Talk Studios

Whoa, it’s episode 4 and we finally all have good sound! In this episode we discuss our experiences of the photography show, which is...

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Episode 03: Let’s Go Photoshopping

How much is too much? In this, Episode 3 of the Tog Pod we discuss how much of a part Photoshop plays in photography...

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Episode 02: Let’s Talk Weddings

What’s your approach to wedding photography? Does Instagram likes really matter? In episode 2, we delve into the different ways each of us photograph...

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Photography Chat

We share our own experiences as professional working photographers as well as the tips and tricks we have learnt over the years. We also share our thoughts and opinions on trending photography topics and subjects.

Amazing Guests

We are privileged to be joined by some amazing guests from the world of photography where they share stories from their career and we pick their brains about all sorts of things, not just photography topics.

Answering Your Questions

Looking for help with setting up as a professional or some ideas for your next shoot? Want to share your thoughts about current topics? Send us a message and we’ll chat about it on the podcast.

Show Hosts

Alex Benyon

Portrait & Documentary Photographer

Chris Ord

Commercial Photographer

Tommy Reynolds

Portrait & Travel Photographer

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